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Color Theory & Its Spiritual Significance

Color Theory is the study of colors and their relation to each other. The Color wheel consists of 12 colors, three Primary, three Secondary, and the remaining six Tertiary. Each color represents a fraction of Universal energy that permeates all things, giving everything meaning and classification. Each color holds a unique vibration and frequency to connect us with beneficial states of mind depending on what we need. Colors can even help us to identify the spiritual meanings of crystals, plants, and animals. Using colors in your Spiritual Practice can be highly beneficial in connecting with your chakras, energy bodies, dreams, spellwork, rituals, and much more.

The Primary colors, Red, Blue, and Yellow mix to create secondary colors. Primary colors carry a base tone of purity and dedication and cannot be created using any mix of other colors. The Secondary colors, Green, Orange, and Violet come as a result of mixing Primary colors together and carry a tone of balance. Tertiary colors come from mixing Primary and Secondary colors together, forming a more complex end result. Tertiary colors give specific and specialized energy vibrations. The Tertiary colors are Magenta, Indigo, Turquoise, Lime, Amber, and Scarlet.


Red, being a primary color carries an intensity that is reflective of primal sexual energy. Red represents drive, pure energy, sexuality, tenacity, and courage. It aligns with universal willpower and connects with the Divine Masculine energy of Will. It relates to the Root Chakra of base instincts, safety, and survival. Red can be a destructive force when untamed, however, the harmonious energy of Green is useful to balance this out. Use Red in your spiritual practice when you need a boost of energy and strength. Red can help in rituals and spells related to recovery, vitality, fertility, and romance.


Scarlet is a powerful tertiary color with the attributes of both Red and Orange making it an extremely resilient and intense color. It represents the energy of strength, victory, and invincibility. Scarlet can cause a bit of an inflated ego and become somewhat domineering in its approach, however Turquoise as its opposite color can help bring balance and humility to counter this fierceness. Use Scarlet in your spiritual practice when you need a boost of courage, confidence, and victory. Any physical, creative, or intense activity can benefit from the use of Scarlet.


Orange has a vibrant and encouraging energy representative of joy and emotion. As a secondary color, it is a mixture of Red and Yellow. Orange is balanced in the realms of community and social interaction and relates to the Sacral Chakra, which is the emotional and creative center. Orange has a strong pleasureful and warm energy that bestows confidence and loyalty. As a result of its warmth, it can often lead to too much pleasure-seeking or exhibitionism. Green can help to balance this color to create a more relaxed and harmonious approach that leads to fruitful results. Use Orange in your spiritual practice when you need a surge of creativity, joy, and fun. Fertility, creativity, friendship, and happiness spells/rituals can benefit from Orange.


Amber brings the energy of success, glory, and achievement. It brings the feeling of completeness of a job well done. It is a tertiary color comprised of Yellow and Orange bestowing clarity and happiness. Excitement, honors, and fame can come from this color because it brings in the energy of shining confidence and glory. When out of balance, Amber can cause a feeling of entitlement without appreciation or hard work, this is when you need its complementary color, Indigo, to bring wisdom and maturity to handle the glory. Use Amber in your spiritual practice to bring in the energy of success and recognition. Career, business, and popularity spells can benefit from the color Amber.


Yellow is a strong and intelligent color bringing enlightenment, optimism, and consciousness. Yellow is a primary color making its energy extra potent. It aligns with Universal Love and Christ Consciousness. It is also related to the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of intelligence and confidence. Yellow represents a strong state of awareness especially mental clarity and the ability to direct thoughts clearly and efficiently. Yellow can become somewhat emotionless and detached if not balanced out by the spiritual and reflective energy of Violet. Use Yellow in your spiritual practice for focus, consciousness expansion, and enlightenment. Yellow can be beneficial during learning, studying, and meditation. Confidence spells can also benefit from Yellow.


Lime offers an awakening to the soul, bringing insight and learning. It inspires realization and freshness to the mind, encouraging independence and proper application of intellect. As a tertiary color, it has a blend of the colors Green and Yellow bestowing fertility and enlightenment. Lime when out of balance is easily countered with Magenta, which offers creativity and originality. Use Lime in your spiritual practice when in need of a change, clarity, and inspiration along your path. Lime is helpful in spells and spiritual workings related to change, evolution, and new beginnings.


Green is a color of health and fertility. It brings prosperity and wealth and as a secondary color, it has the energy of balance between the clarity of the color Yellow and the grace of the color Blue. Green connects with the Heart Chakra, the center of love, and brings fair and respectful energy to any situation. Green can be overly giving and susceptible to burnout. The energy of Red, its opposite color, makes the perfect antidote to this as it provides the necessary spark of inspiration and energy. Use Green in your spiritual practice for renewal, abundance, and growth. Rituals or spells regarding money, prosperity, and good fortune will benefit from Green as well.


Turquoise brings a sense of openness and understanding. It is a flexible and balanced color that gives great respect and honor. Turquoise is a tertiary color comprised of Blue and Green, giving it an honest, noble, and expansive nature. It is balanced by its opposite color, Scarlet, which invigorates and empowers Turquoise's more humble vibration. Use Turquoise in your spiritual practice for a more flexible and balanced outlook. Rituals and spells involving balance such as during the Equinoxes may benefit from Turquoise as well.


Blue as a primary color brings in strong and dedicated energy of faith and trust. It is very pure and truthful energy and can strengthen one's patience and clarity. Blue is connected to the Throat Chakra and brings clarity and truth to your words. Blue aligns with Universal Wisdom and connects very deeply with the Divine Feminine. Blue can become somewhat stagnant and boring if not pushed outside of its comfort zone. However, the balancing energy of Orange brings enough excitement and warmth to counteract this. You can utilize Blue in your practice to cultivate tranquility and peace or in rituals involving faith and purity.


Indigo brings a strong sense of wisdom and maturity, allowing you to see the truth. As a tertiary color is it a combination of Violet and Blue mixing spirituality and grace. It is often associated with the Third Eye Chakra, allowing one to see through illusions and open up the psychic senses. It is counterbalanced by Amber, which brings the focus of wisdom to the standpoint of glory and honor and recognition for the wisdom attained. Use Indigo to open up your psychic abilities, divination, and dream work.


Violet is a secondary color that mixes both Red and Blue creating an intense journey of spirituality. Magic, dreams, and royalty are all connected to the energy of Violet. Violet is linked to the Crown Chakra which is the spiritual center and connection to source energy. Through Violet, you can transcend and connect to otherworldly energies through dreams, meditation, and spiritual work. Violet can become a bit dreamy and disconnected from the world that's why it's complementary (opposite) color, Yellow, brings its energy back to focus and clarity of consciousness. Use Violet for mediation and intense spiritual work as well as communicating with spirit guides.


Magenta is a creative and individualistic color bringing originality and energy. As a tertiary color, it is a mix of Red and Violet, blending spirituality with primal energy. Magenta empowers you to put your energetic signature out into the world and to have confidence in your creative and spiritual abilities. Its opposite color is Lime which lightens its intensity and brings awareness and understanding in areas Magenta can often be blind to. Use Magenta for creativity, fun, self-realization, and empowerment. Rituals and spells regarding beauty and self-love can all benefit from Magenta's encouraging energy.

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