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Galactic Astrology 101: The Aspects

Astrology is an intricate and diverse study of Cosmology and the energetic alignments of the Celestial Bodies. It is one of the most renowned Esoteric systems and can be used for divination, psychic and personal development and consciousness expansion.

In this course Tuesdai Autumn, A Galactic Astrologer & Esotericist, will be introducing the foundational concepts of Galactic Astrology, an Astrological system she designed which includes Astrological Aspects 1 - 12, Asteroids & Planetoids, Sidereal signs & Stars, Solar Weather, and the Mayan Dreamspell calculations.

***Module 3 will cover an introduction to the Aspects [harmonics 1 - 12] and the Sesquiquadrate & Quincunx. It will also show a brief intro to Aspect patterns commonly found in the chart.***

This is a good beginner course for anyone who would like to get into practicing Astrology although some prior Astrological knowledge will be helpful.

This Video is available to view and comment on Youtube and is the third part of a series of 5 Videos that will be posted to Youtube and my blog.

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