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The Full Moon for the Month of January 2024 is an important and dynamic Full Moon! Many strengths are tested and new dynamics allow progress and change in different aspects of our everyday lives.

Below I have outlined some key points to take away from this month's Full Moon in Cancer! :)

Above, the Moon and its aspects are highlighted. The most impactful aspects are explained below.

The Moon and Sun Opposition highlights the need for balance between the personal needs and career ambitions.

The Grand Cross challenges preexisting dynamics reflecting our personal image, social interactions, family life and career. A huge stir of energy can be felt in the areas of life effected by the Cardinal signs Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries.

Misunderstandings in relationships and with respect to responsibility in our lives can highlight areas of particular karmic intensity.

Supportive trines to the Moon from Eros and the Part of Fortune & Part of Spirit create opportunities for romance and fulfillment through deeper and more spiritual personal connections.

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