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An introduction to your soul blueprint & true purpose in life.

  • 30 minutes
  • 33.33 US dollars
  • Phone Reading

Service Description

THE SUN MOON AND ASCENDANT (RISING) ARE THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT POINTS IN THE NATAL CHART! THESE POINTS DEFINE YOUR PERSONALITY. The Luminaries, are the brightest objects in our sky, they represent the most pronounced aspects of our consciousness - our core personalities and psychology. They are apart of the “Inner Planets” of our Solar System. The Sun - The Masculine, Ego, Father, Personality, Drive, Focus, Goal Shows where we shine, feel most confident and what our life purpose is. The Moon - The Feminine, Emotions, Mother, Comfort, Nurture, Psychology Shows where we need rest, where we feel most comfortable and how we react to our surroundings. The Ascendant - Physical Body, Face, Personality, Outward Appearance Will show how we initiate things in our lives and how we present ourselves to the world. Tuesdai's Astrology System, Galactic Astrology, is designed to align one with the Astronomical, Solar, Lunar, and Galactic rhythms of the cosmos. Galactic Astrology uses Sidereal Astrology placements and a mix of both Western and Eastern influences, including 12 Harmonic Aspects, Asteroids & Planetoids, as well as Fixed Stars. Utilizing The Birth Chart, which is a complex map of your Soul, Tuesdai will show you a detailed picture of who you are, your special talents and abilities, and what your mission is in this Lifetime. A Birth Chart Reading can help you understand who you are and embrace your talents and gifts while being aware of what your challenges are and how to overcome them. Your Full Birth Chart Reading will include a detailed explanation of your Planets, Signs, Aspects and Houses. You will leave this reading knowing who you are, your karma, and destiny in this lifetime.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelations made 12 hours or more before the session will be refunded 100%. Cancelations made less than 12 hours before scheduled sessions will not be refunded.

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