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True Self Connection || Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

The Inner Self 

The inner self is a quiet mystery hidden deep within your heart space. It is your true self and the center of wisdom in your life. It is also love in the purest form - representative of the universal love and wisdom that lives inside all of us. The inner self must be accessed through true compassion for your mind, body and soul. Being at one with yourself is a complicated process because life challenges and societal standard can distort your view of yourself. Daily life, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditioning/responsibilities can wear and tear on your connection to your inner self. You begin to push your innermost wants and needs away because they do not reflect the values of the outside world. You eventually take on a different persona and way of being, which does not reflect who you truly are or what you truly want.

The Universe has a way of reckoning with this by filling your life with situations that challenge you to change and transform, lest you remain in pain and disillusion. This can often be the cause of mental distress or physical illness, because your mind, body and soul are out of alignment. Your life can become seemingly chaotic if you fail to connect to your true self, as your inner life is mirrored by your outer life. Only when you accept your inner self can you achieve goals in your external life.

My Story

About four years ago, I was confronted with this same issue. I felt like after suffering an emotional and mental breakdown I should have been able to pick up the pieces and keep going just like I had after every other traumatic event in my life, but I realized I couldn’t do that anymore. My emotions were so out of balance that they could no longer be ignored and placed at the back of my mind. I was forced to reckon with what was bottled up deep down inside of me - and what I was ignoring just to fit in with the outside world. When the time came to face the reality of my true self, I was struck with heavy guilt, shame and fear. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore and I didn’t feel worthy of friends, love or affection. I stayed mentally, emotionally and spiritually frozen for a long time. 

After months of intense emotions, fear and feeling worthless, I slowly started realizing that if I wanted to change and feel peace again, I needed to make the first step instead of waiting for the outside world to send me the perfect relationship or the perfect life. As I began to change my image of myself and accept who I was, I met people and situations that also reflected my stage of development. This continued until I felt my own personal alchemy become powerful enough to change my thoughts at will and direct my energy towards healing, even when faced with fear. It took me about four years to arrive at this point of strength and that was mostly because I was resisting so much, thinking that I could somehow use my old value system of seeking external validation to validate myself again. I realized that the change I wanted would only come from the inside and ripple out into my external world. I went through this journey to learn, heal and grow and teach others so that you don't have to suffer as much as I did. 

The Journey to Acceptance

Connecting to and respecting your true self is often inhibited by the unwillingness to accept yourself for who you are. This is really important because any flaw that you have is a valid part of you and should no be ignored. Any insecurity you are hiding from or using external validation to placate will keep you stuck repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Not accepting the negative aspects of your personality and/or life experiences will only lead to more conflict and strife. The only way to move towards the path of healing is to commit to accepting yourself for who you are right here and now, without any expectations. This acceptance begins the process of truly seeing yourself as worthy of acceptance and love no matter what you have done or been through. The one truth you must accept on the journey to inner peace is to love and respect yourself above all. That is the only way to self acceptance, which leads to being at one with yourself and therefore creating the life and fulfillment you truly dream of.

The journey to self acceptance can be a difficult process filled with doubts and confusion. Your conscious mind rejects the breaking down of its structural walls, and therefore does not want to change its view of itself. It is only familiar with one way of thinking about life, and as a result it fears diving into the unknown. It gets scared and vehemently rejects the change you seek. You judge yourself against others, and listen to the opinions of people that don’t understand you which causes confusion, discouragement and discontentment. The more upset you get, the more you cling to your distorted judgement of yourself, and the more you manifest negative results in your life. Unraveling this distorted perception of self takes repetition and setting the intent to change these unhealthy ways of thinking. Once you begin to change your thought process from "I am not worthy of love and attention." to " I am perfect the way I am and I am open to receiving love from people who love and care for me." you can begin to rewire your brain to have positive thoughts and feelings about yourself. This changes your outlook on life and getting fulfillment you seek becomes possible for you.

Courage and Fortitude

Taking the path of self acceptance and healing requires courage. The ground will be pulled out from under you and you must be willing to stand in space and view your life from a higher perspective. This higher perspective comes without judgement and without ifs, ands or buts. It will allow you to see the whole of the situation and make wise decisions regarding your personal interests. It will also come with a sense of peace and understanding. Once you attain this level of awareness you can reshape your life to better balance your innermost wants with your outside world. Whether that means quitting a job or changing your hairstyle, it can have a powerful effect on the energy vibrations you emit, and can attract powerful opportunities to further your success.

Just remember to keep the goal in mind; self love, self acceptance, inner peace. Don’t ever forget that is what you seek. When in times of confusion and chaos remember that only acceptance of what is out of your control and positive energy plus action towards what you can control, will help. You must stick to this, no matter if you are at the depths of your subconscious fear, know that there is no place light cannot shine! It will touch you and purify you with love if you ask. So go ahead, ask it to and it shall be done. You can get through this and you will! Don’t ever give up.



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