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Starseeds 101: Everything You Need to Know about Starseeds!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are specialized human souls who have incarnated in different star systems across the galaxy and beyond. They are very familiar with high vibrational frequencies and are used to operating within the higher dimensions of consciousness. Starseeds often carry highly developed psychic gifts and sacred knowledge from civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis. Each Starseed has a unique mission to serve and assist in the uplifting of planet Earth.

Every soul in the Universe is made from stardust and has the capacity to incarnate in any world they choose. However, people who identify as Starseeds often have a more prominent connection with their Starseed heritage, and as a result, they usually stand out in normal society. Starseeds hold a deep inner connection with source energy which sets them apart from the general population. They often feel like outcasts or black sheep in their families and communities.

Starseeds may go through the first part of their lives feeling confused and lost because they don't seem to fit in, however, they will usually experience an Activation that will trigger the beginning of their Awakening Journey. This Activation could be an NDE, OBE, Dark Night of the Soul, or a conscious experience aboard a spacecraft. Certain DNA strands and light codes will be activated within the Auric field so that they can begin to experience stronger intuition and a deeper understanding of their mission on planet Earth.

The Starseed Mission

Every Starseed has a unique mission that requires them to awaken to their special talents and abilities. After many incarnations in diverse planetary systems, countless Starseeds have volunteered to incarnate on Earth to embody a higher frequency and help other humans awaken to their divine gifts. Starseed missions are becoming highlighted at this point in time because we are at the end of a very important Galactic cycle - we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

At the end of the Age of Pisces, a cleansing of karma will take place on a mass level. Starseeds' highly developed consciousness will assist humanity and planet Earth in cleansing karma properly, by balancing both the inner light and darkness. Starseeds' ability to tune into higher states of consciousness will provide crucial divine knowledge and teachings. Not only is this important for humanity's consciousness ascension, but it is also very important for the ascension of the planet as Mother Earth has her own consciousness that must shift and change with the different ages and cycles of time.

Although Starseeds carry very high vibrational frequencies and specialized gifts, they must go through what is called an "Awakening." This is a time period in which they must face their karma often referred to as a "Dark Night of the Soul." This can be a very challenging period for Starseeds because they often incarnate with extremely heavy karmic burdens. However, in order to embody their true light on this planet, they must integrate their positive and negative polarities. This can be a difficult journey but all Starseeds have the assistance of their Spiritual Team of Light to help guide them through difficult times.

Starseed Types

There are many different Starseed types and each embodies specialized talents and unique traits. Within the multitude of different Starseed types are a few that have played a major role in the development of human consciousness. The most well-known Star Races have played an important role in developing human consciousness and have also contributed their own DNA, teachings, and assistance in the development of human civilization.

These are the main Starseed Heritage Origins that embody many important lessons, skills, and abilities that humanity must master in order to ascend:

✵ Arcturians - Loving, pure, and deeply compassionate 5D - 12D beings who are peaceful, highly technologically developed, and master healers.

✵ Sirians - Strong-willed and deeply self trusting with a powerful connection to Source. These beings are very closely connected to peace, grace, and spirituality.

✵ Pleiadians - Affectionate, sensual, and playful beings that possess a strong connection to the Divine Feminine.

✵ Orions - Wisemen and Sages who are very closely aligned with the Divine Masculine. They are very in control and in charge of who they are and have a strong sense of purpose and willpower.

✵ Andromedans - Highly technologically advanced, master innovators and scientists, always on the go traveling and discovering new ways of adapting to the universe.

There are many more Star beings that choose to incarnate on planet Earth but because

the universe is so expansive we could not possibly imagine all of the different types of civilizations and Star Races that exist. However, some of them can be found through looking into the Lunar Mansions (Nakshatras) which show groups of stars that point to specialized energies in each zodiac sign. Each star in the night sky hosts a myriad of planetary and star systems with many different races, species, and levels of consciousness coexisting there. If you have a star conjunct your major planets in your Natal Chart you likely have a very strong connection and incarnation in that Star System and are now currently embodying this Star energy.

Signs that you are a Starseed

  • You have always had a deep inner-knowing.

  • You have always had an active dream world or imagination.

  • You have had unexplained psychic/paranormal experiences.

  • You have memories of having "imaginary friends." (most likely spirit guides)

  • You never fit in with your family or community.

  • You have been outcasted or bullied because of your uniqueness.

  • You have always chosen to do things "your way."

  • You don't care for the way society runs (i.e. money, politics, discrimination, etc.)

  • You feel out of place like you never really fit in.

  • You have always been called to spiritual studies, the Occult, Astrology, Astronomy, complex sciences, the Arts, etc.

  • You have a yearning to go home and be with your "real family" and your "real friends."

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