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About Tuesdai Autumn

Tuesdai Autumn is a Psychic Intuitive, Galactic Astrologer, Occultist/Witch, Starseed, Nature Lover, Fashion Enthusiast, Artist, Electronic Music Producer and the Founder & Leader of the New Age Coven, an online group dedicated to spiritual growth practices & spiritual education.


Tuesdai has studied Wicca and New Age Esoterism, blending the wisdom of the Earth and Stars to create her own eclectic spiritual path. She also incorporates different spiritual belief systems from cultures across the world into her practices.

As an Astrologer, Tuesdai created her own specialized Astrological System, Galactic Astrology, designed to align one with the Astronomical, Solar, Lunar, and Galactic rhythms of the cosmos. Galactic Astrology uses Sidereal Astrology placements and a mix of both Western and Eastern influences, including 12 Harmonic Aspects, Asteroids & Planetoids, as well as Fixed Stars. As a Galactic Historian and Starseed, she also specializes in Starseed Heritage Readings which give the Extraterrestrial Incarnations of the soul. Tuesdai also does Aura/Chakra Readings which detail the current energy and colors held within the Aura.


Over the past 6 years, Tuesdai has specialized in Tarot & Oracle readings where she provides very thorough and in-depth readings ensuring a comforting and safe atmosphere for each client. Her readings get to the root of the problem and give the client clear steps to overcoming any issue or circumstance. Having done much shadow work herself, she helps clients to face their own inner darkness and transform it into personal power and strength. During this process Tuesdai will often receive clairvoyant/claircognizant insight from spirit guides, ancestors, crossed over loved ones, and angels, providing a more deeply healing experience.


Tuesdai's art style is futuristic and multi-dimensional. She uses elements of photography, videography, and graphic overlays to express her creative vision.

As an Electronic Music Producer in the making, she is currently exploring songwriting and electronic composition.

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